Notice of Motor Carrier Applications

The following motor carriers have filed various applications. All applications listed herein are for statewide authority, unless otherwise stated. Requests to inspect and copy the notices provided to the parties, and questions in regard to these applications should be addressed to the State Corporation Commission, Transportation Division, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, Kansas 66604-4027, (785) 271-3145. To lodge an official complaint, please submit your protest in writing, supported by relevant facts, to Mike Hoeme, Director of Transportation, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, Kansas 66604-4027. This must be done within 30 days of the "Publish Date" for a certificate of public service, and within 10 days for all other applications.

Application for Certificate of Public Service

  • GLEN KNIGHT, 72161 641 AVE , AUBURN, NE  68305-8228  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170584, Publish Date: 25-AUG-14
  • JEFF LIBERTY, dba JEFF LIBERTY TRUCKING, 605 E 3RD ST , VERDON, NE  68457-1861  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170582, Publish Date: 25-AUG-14
  • K & S EASTSIDE SERVICE CENTER INC, 1102 WHITTIER, EMPORIA, KS  66801-3359  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 113469, Publish Date: 25-AUG-14
  • S & J TOW AND RECOVERY L.L.C., 725 NE KINCAID RD , TOPEKA, KS  66616-9511  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170588, Publish Date: 25-AUG-14
  • MJB TRUCKING L.L.C., 1228 C RD , GARFIELD, KS  67529-3000  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170590, Publish Date: 25-AUG-14
  • RAFAEL A AYALA ZELAYA, dba RA TRUCKING, 1521 E AMSDEN, WICHITA, KS  67216-1307  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170591, Publish Date: 25-AUG-14
  • YSIDRO TRUCKING INC, 3760 S BROADWAY, WICHITA, KS  67216-1032  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 164543, Publish Date: 25-AUG-14
  • INTEGRITY HEAVY HAUL L.L.C., #10 INDUSTRIAL PARK DR , HILL CITY, KS  67642-1651  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 169617, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • JACINTO CASAS LOZAN O, dba JACINTOS TRUCKING, 3200 S HWY 27, SYRACUSE, KS  67878  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170593, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • KERSTETTER TRUCKING L.L.C., 11468 SW THUNDER RD , AUGUSTA, KS  67010-8780  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170374, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • CARLOS M RUIZ, dba RAMY TRUCKING, 914 KELLY AVE , DODGE CITY, KS  67801-5930  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170598, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • RANDY LANSINK, dba RML CHARTERS AND TOURS, 215 W KANSAS AVE , GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-5362  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170599, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • CHRISTIAN V RODRIGUEZ, dba CJV TRANSPORTATION, 3940 E ROSS PARKWAY, WICHITA, KS  67210-1323  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170605, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • MASTERS TRUCKING INC, 2925 SW MAUPIN LN #5, TOPEKA, KS  66614-4190  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170603, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • HILGER TRUCKING L.L.C., 14848 SW 180TH, NORWICH, KS  67118-9106  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170602, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • TRIPLE CREEK TRANSPORT L.L.C., 22271 SW GARNETT ST , WELDA, KS  66091-9199  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170604, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • JOSE ANGEL MOSQUEDA - PANTOJA, dba F & J TRANSPORTS, 4006 W 11TH ST N, WICHITA, KS  67212-1902  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170606, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • MIKE MURPHY TRUCKING L.L.C., AVENUE G, WALTHILL, NE  68067  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170610, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • MICHAEL BRENT RUSSELL, dba ARK VALLEY, 12243 WIND RD , KINGSDOWN, KS  67842-6000  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 157368, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • OTTO LOGISTICS OF COLORADO L.L.C., 5550 W 55TH ST S, WICHITA, KS  67215-9353  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170612, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • KYLE EDWARD SCHULTZ, dba SCHULTZ TRUCKING, 307 E 4TH ST , ST FRANCIS, KS  67756-2537  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170611, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • CRAZY HORSE TRUCKING L.L.C., 1738 15TH ROAD, CLAY CENTER, KS  67432-7461  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170614, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • ARROW AUTO TRANSPORT L.L.C., 607 W PARALLEL RD , CONWAY SPRINGS, KS  67031-8266  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170581, Publish Date: 18-AUG-14
  • GUSTAVO MOLINA, dba GM TRUCKING, 1905 PARKWAY DR , DODGE CITY, KS  67801-2619  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170583, Publish Date: 18-AUG-14
  • CHAD SHARTZER, dba CHAD SHARTZER TRUCKING, 3125 HAWK RD , ABILENE, KS  67410-6029  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 167965, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14
  • SOLOMON TRANSFORMERS L.L.C., dba SOLOMON CORP, 103 W MAIN, SOLOMON, KS  67480-9760  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 113788, Publish Date: 15-SEP-14