Notice of Motor Carrier Applications

The following motor carriers have filed various applications. All applications listed herein are for statewide authority, unless otherwise stated. Requests to inspect and copy the notices provided to the parties, and questions in regard to these applications should be addressed to the State Corporation Commission, Transportation Division, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, Kansas 66604-4027, (785) 271-3145. To lodge an official complaint, please submit your protest in writing, supported by relevant facts, to Mike Hoeme, Director of Transportation, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, Kansas 66604-4027. This must be done within 30 days of the "Publish Date" for a certificate of public service, and within 10 days for all other applications.

Application for Certificate of Public Service

  • LILIA ALFARO, dba LA TRANSPORT SERVICES, 610 MINNEOLA RD , DODGE CITY, KS  67801-5833  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170637, Publish Date: 29-SEP-14
  • CLINT DAVIS TRUCKING L.L.C., 2950 RD P, ADMIRE, KS  66830-9151  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170638, Publish Date: 29-SEP-14
  • JERRY CRENSHAW, dba TLC MOBILE SERVICES, 1027 MOSS CIRCLE, JUNCTION CITY, KS  66441-4532  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170633, Publish Date: 29-SEP-14
  • GLORIA MERCADO, dba PATH FINDERS TRUCKING, 305 PLAZA AVE , DODGE CITY, KS  67846-2727  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170615, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • DL BELSHE L.L.C., 302 MAIN, GOODLAND, KS  67735-1838  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170617, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • RENE QUINONES, dba QUINONES TRUCKING, 609 N BUFFALO, LAKIN, KS  67860-9004  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170625, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • DENNIS WAYNE PITZER, dba D PITZ TRUCKING, 410 S 6TH, LEOTI, KS  67861-9018  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170621, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • FEUERBORN FARMS TRUCKING L.L.C., 21886 NW 2150 RD , GARNETT, KS  66032-8815  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170620, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • HUGHES GRAIN AND CATTLE INC, 8405 30TH RD , GALESBURG, KS  66740-9140  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170619, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • DESERT STEEL TRUCKING L.L.C., 3749 S RD N, ULYSSES, KS  67880-8329  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170626, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • FIDEL HERNANDEZ III, dba FBH TRUCKING, 1211 N BELMONT PL, GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-4602  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170629, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • D.R. IRON RECYCLING L.L.C., 3737 SW HUNTER RD , TOWANDA, KS  67144-9166  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170628, Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
  • BRADY'S WELDING AND MACHINE SHOP INC, 11991 HWY 76, HEALDTON, OK  73438  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170642, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • CHRIS RUSSELL FARMS L.L.C., 203 E 5TH ST , MOUND CITY, MO  64470-1205  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170643, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • WILHITE MOVING & STORAGE INC, 225 S. FRANKLIN, JUNCTION CITY, KS  66441-3551  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170641, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • LOVETT & CARLSON INC, dba SEARS, 101 NORTH WASHINGTON, JUNCTION CITY, KS  66441-2906  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170120, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • NORTHSIDE L.L.C., dba NORTHEND AUTO SERVICE, 725 W 61ST N, WICHITA, KS  67204-1503  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170653, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • MCGINNES M & M ELECTRIC L.L.C., 917 Z RD , PAWNEE ROCK, KS  67567-6717  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170654, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • FRTCO L.L.C., 860 - 14TH RD , MARYSVILLE, KS  66508-8519  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170657, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • ISIDRO P MONCAYO, dba I M TRANSPORT, 468 S RD I, ULYSSES, KS  67880  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 164620, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • DAVID BRANDYBERRY, dba B-K TREE SERVICE, 9461 RD W, LENORA, KS  67645-9671  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170655, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • ERIKA JANET ENRIQUEZ, dba CHIHUAS TRUCKING, 1609 NEBRASKA AVE , DODGE CITY, KS  67801-6125  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170071, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • GERALD BAXTER HUGHES, dba HUGHES TRUCKING, 601 S SCENIC DR , MANHATTAN, KS  66503-8762  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170661, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • K & S EASTSIDE SERVICE CENTER INC, 1102 WHITTIER, EMPORIA, KS  66801-3359  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 113469, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • NICK BRECK, 12119 W 93RD ST , LENEXA, KS  66215-3831  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170664, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • RADER TRUCKING L.L.C., 6204 RENE ST , SHAWNEE, KS  66216-3804  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170666, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14
  • JAIME VILLAGRANA, 3339 S GOW, WICHITA, KS  67217-1239  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170669, Publish Date: 20-OCT-14