Minimum Surface Casing Requirements

Minimum surface casing requirements for protecting fresh and usable water and to meet alternate #1 on Intent to Drill cards, Form C-1
S=Section, T=Township, R=Range

Jefferson County

Wells deeper than 1500 feet and using Alternate I completion shall set a minimum surface casing of 275 feet plus within one mile of the nearest Kansas River Valley wall surface casing must reach below 760 feet mean sea level elevation in T.11S-R.16E, below 750 feet m.s.l. in T.11 and 12S-R.18E, below 720 m.s.l. in T.11 and 12S-R.19E, and below 710 feet m.s.l. in T.12S-R.20E. All other wells shall follow Alternate II rules, Appendix B, Area 3, Eastern Surface Casing order. In all cases, set surface casing through all unconsolidated material plus 20 or more feet into the underlying formation.

For areas in which casing settings are given as sea level datums, topographic maps are available showing surface elevations. These maps may be obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey at Denver, Colorado; Rolla, Missouri and Washington, D.C.; and the State Geological Survey, Lawrence, Kansas.