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Precedential Orders

Precedential orders may bind parties, establish policies, or interpret statutes or regulations in a way that applies against a person or company that was not a party to the original order. The KCC cannot treat an order as precedential unless the agency designates the order as precedential and makes the order available to the public. The following index is one way the KCC complies with the Rules and Regulations Filing Act and makes its precedential orders available to the public. The KCC does not summarize the contents of its orders, but links to the full text of precedential orders appear below.

Transmission Line Siting, Docket No. 11-ITCE-644-MIS, Order Granting Siting Permit, Ordering Clause D (July 12, 2011).

Renewable Energy Standards, Docket No. 11-WSEE-438-MIS, Order Approving Westar's Request to Use Renewable Energy Credits to Satisfy the Renewable Energy Standards Act for 2011 and 2012, Ordering Clause C (August 1, 2011).

Pension & OPEB Expense Trackers, Docket No. 07-GIMX-1041-GIV, Order Stating Commission Policy for Pension and OPEB Expense Trackers and Approving Stipulation and Agreement for Kansas City Power & Light Trackers, Ordering Clause E (August 17, 2011).

ECRR in Retrofit Predeterminations, Docket No. 11-KCPE-581-PRE, Order Granting KCP&L Petition for Predetermination of Rate-Making Principles and Treatment, Ordering Clause E (August. 19, 2011).

Horizontal Drilling in the Mississippi Formation, Docket No. 12-CONS-117-CEXC, Order Granting Application, Ordering Clause D (December 14, 2011).

Rate Case Expense, Docket No. 10-KCPE-415-RTS, Order on Rate Case Expense, Ordering Clause C (January 18, 2012).

Unprocessed Natural Gas Delivery, Docket No. 08-MDWG-486-MIS, Order, Paragraph 62 (Mar. 7, 2012).

Fuel-Switching Incentives, Docket No. 09-GIMX-160-GIV, Amended Order Closing Docket, Ordering Clause B (Mar. 23, 2012).

E-Filing & E-Service, Docket No. 14-GIMX-280-MIS, Amended Order Authorizing Use of Electronic Service; Amended Order Authorizing Use of Electronic Filing (July 31, 2014).

Kansas Lifeline Service Program, Docket No. 14-GIMT-105-GIT, Guidelines for assessing penalties for non-compliance with the Kansas Lifeline Service Program. Order Assessing Penalties Against AT&T (November 20, 2014).

Calculation of Discovery Related Deadlines, Docket No. 17-KPPE-092-COM, Order Granting Petition for Reconsideration of Discovery Order, Ordering Clauses B and C (November 10, 2016).

Protestant Status in Conservation Dockets, Docket No. 17-CONS-3689-CUIC, Final Precedential Order (April 5, 2018)

Limits on Saltwater Injection Rates in Defined Areas, Docket No. 15-CONS-770-CMSC, Order Designating Orders as Precedential and Closing Docket (September 19, 2019).

KUUDPA Use of Electronic Service, Docket No. 20-DPAX-121-MIS, Order Authorizing Use of Electronic Service (September 17, 2019).

Incentive Compensation, Docket No. 19-ATMG-525-RTS, Order on Atmos Energy Corporation's Application for a Rate Increase, Paragraph 46, Ordering Clause C (February 24, 2020).

KUSF Election Criteria and KUSF Administrative Penalities, Docket No. 20-GIMT-086-GIT, Order Clarifying and Adopting KUSF Election Criteria and KUSF Administrative Penalties (March 3, 2020).

Affiliate agreements and Cost Allocation, Docket No. 20-UTAT-032-KSF, Order Approving Settlement, Paragraph 14 (March 17, 2020).

Factors for Evaluating Appropriate Compensation for Board Members of Recipients of KUSF Support, Docket No. 20-UTAT-032-KSF, Order Approving Settlement, Paragraph 15 (March 17, 2020).

Guidance Document Index

Guidance documents are records of general applicability that lack the force of law but state an agency’s current approach to or interpretation of law. Guidance documents may also contain general statements of policy that describe how and when an agency will exercise discretionary functions. The KCC must designate and maintain a public list of all guidance documents. Although a party to an adjudicatory proceeding may typically rely on guidance documents, the KCC can also act at variance with a guidance document if there is a reasonable justification for doing so.

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