How to Request Records from the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC)

Please Note

Please review the following information before making a request for records in order to facilitate completion of your request without delay pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA), K.S.A. 45-215 et seq.

Many documents filed in KCC dockets are already made publicly available on the KCC's website for docket filings. Please check the docket filings site before making an open records request to avoid unnecessary time and expense.

The KCC shall be under no obligation to create a public record in order to fulfill a KORA request. The KCC has no obligation to answer questions, research, re-write or otherwise assist in developing or drafting a KORA request.

Production and access to KCC records may be denied if the request places an unreasonable burden on the KCC to produce records or there is reason to believe that repeated requests are intended to disrupt KCC functions. Your request may also be subject to exemptions pursuant to K.S.A. 45-221.

Format of Request

The KCC requires that requests for records be submitted in writing. Records may be submitted by mail or electronically. Both a form and a link are provided at the end of this page for submitting an open records request.

To assist us in identifying the records you are requesting, please be specific and as clear as possible. Production and access to KCC records may be denied if it is impossible to determine which records are being requested.

Persons wishing to review or examine records in person may do so during Commission business hours; 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. Persons so requesting access to records must give at least 24 hour notice. Records may not be removed from any KCC office but copies can be made upon request in accordance with KCC policy and the fee schedule below.

Fee Schedule

Any request consisting of one hundred pages and two hours of staff time will be provided at no cost. Requests consisting of over 100 pages will be billed to the requestor if the records total over 120 pages. If the request requires documents or time in excess of either of these parameters, or two or more requests are received from the same requestor within one calendar year, the following fee schedule shall apply:

  • $.25 per 8.5 x 11 black and white paper or electronic copies.
  • $1.20 per fax page.
  • $12.00 per hour of clerical staff time billed in quarter hour increments.
  • $15.00 per hour of technical staff time billed in quarter hour increments.
  • $26.00 per hour of legal staff time billed in quarter hour increments.
  • Postage, packaging and shipping costs shall be billed at actual cost.
  • Additional charges shall apply for documents or format requests not addressed herein.

The KCC requires advance payment of all charges before the requested records will be furnished.

Submit a KORA Request

To submit a request electronically, please use the following link: KORA Request Form (online).

To submit a request in writing, please download, print and submit the KORA Form (pdf).

Use of either of these forms is not required. The Commission will process all KORA requests received in writing and containing the requestor's name, address, and information necessary to complete the request.

Please direct all KORA inquiries to:

Custodian of Records
Kansas Corporation Commission
1500 SW Arrowhead Rd.
Topeka, KS 66604-4027