Minimum Surface Casing Requirements

Minimum surface casing requirements for protecting fresh and usable water and to meet alternate #1 on Intent to Drill cards, Form C-1
S=Section, T=Township, R=Range

Linn County

In 21 and 22E when total depth is 1500 or greater and Alternate I is used, set a minimum of 150 feet surface casing. In 21 and 22E, when total depth is less than 1500 feet, completion will be under Alternate 2 rules per Appendix B, Area 2, Eastern Surface Casing order. All wells drilled in 23, 24 and 25E shall be completed under Alternate II rules, Appendix B, Area 1, Eastern Surface Casing order. In all cases, set surface casing through all unconsolidated material plus 20 or more feet into the underlying formation.