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August 24, 2021

Evergy Kansas Metro solar customers will move to two-part rate design

TOPEKA - Residential distributed generation (DG) customers served by Evergy Kansas Metro will soon have a new monthly electric rate that does not include a demand charge. This morning, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) issued an order that will move DG customers from a three-part rate design to a standard two-part residential rate. In addition, customers will receive refunds within 60 days for any difference in the amounts paid between the two rates. Evergy Kansas Metro provides power to customers previously served by Kansas City Power & Light (KCPL) prior to the 2018 merger between KCPL and Westar to form Evergy Inc.

Earlier this year, the same rate design change was approved for customers in Evergy’s Kansas Central region (formerly Westar) after a Kansas Supreme Court opinion called the three-part rate design price discriminatory and sent the matter back to the KCC for further proceedings. The three-part rate design was originally implemented following separate rate cases filed by Westar and KCPL prior to the merger, but only the Westar DG rate was challenged.

Today’s order resulted from a proposal by KCC Staff, Evergy, and the Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board to make the rate for DG customers consistent across both service areas. The Commission agreed there is potential for confusion and frustration over the disparate treatment of residential DG customers between Evergy’s two Kansas service territories and that it is in the public interest to treat Evergy’s residential DG customers consistently in this regard throughout both of its service territories.

Today's order can be viewed at: