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September 29, 2020

New version of electric rate study filed in response to Kansas Corporation Commission order requesting transparency

TOPEKA – A new electric rate study has been submitted to the Kansas Corporation Commission replacing a heavily redacted version filed with the agency in July.  After AECOM, the company hired by the Legislature to complete Part 2 of the rate study, submitted a heavily redacted report, the KCC ordered AECOM to remove the redactions or provide legitimate justifications for the confidential designations.

The rate study was commissioned by the 2019 Legislature in Substitute for Senate Bill 69 to assist future legislative and regulatory efforts in developing energy policy. However, the large volume of confidential designations in the first version of the Part 2 study prevented the Legislature from fully viewing the study. The replacement report contains minimal redactions to protect sensitive data, such as customer and pricing information.

“It was imperative that a meaningful, publicly available report was provided,” said Commission Chair Susan Duffy. “The findings outlined in the rate study will help guide important energy policy discussions that are sure to take place in the upcoming legislative session and with the Commission.”

The utilities subject to the study included electric public utilities, electric cooperative public utilities, and the three largest municipally-owned or operated electric utilities by customer count.

The updated report provided by AECOM can be viewed on the Commission’s website at