News Release

For more information contact: Linda Berry, KCC Director of Public Affairs (785) 271-3269

October 28, 2021

KCC explains why you can expect to pay more for heat
this winter and how ratepayers can minimize the impact

TOPEKA – Kansans have heard the warnings that energy costs are on the rise. As a result, consumers have questions and some may need assistance to keep pace with the higher costs. The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) has launched an online resource to explain the reasons prices are escalating, help consumers minimize the impact, and find financial and weatherization assistance.

Topics covered include tips to reduce energy use, assistance programs available throughout the state, information on the Cold Weather Rule, steps to take if you receive a disconnection notice and who to call for help with utility issues.

The KCC regulates investor-owned utilities in the state; however, the agency does not set fuel prices. The price for natural gas, the predominant heating source used by Kansans, was deregulated by the U.S Congress in the mid 1980’s. As a result, prices are driven by the market. The cost utilities pay for natural gas is a direct pass through to its customers.  

More information is available on the KCC’s website at