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February 15, 2021

KCC issues emergency order to ensure adequate natural gas and electricity is available

TOPEKA - In a special meeting this morning, Commissioners issued an emergency order directing utilities under its jurisdiction to do all things possible and necessary to ensure adequate amounts of natural gas and electricity to meet the needs of Kansas customers including interconnected non-jurisdictional utilities that depend on them for power.

The prolonged stretch of extremely cold temperatures has increased demand, created natural gas supply constraints, and potentially reliability issues.

“It’s in every Kansan’s best interest to conserve electricity and natural gas over the next few days when possible,” said KCC Chairperson Andrew French. “Reducing your usage will help ensure everyone continues to receive these services, and it will save you money on future utility bills.”

Utilities are experiencing wholesale gas prices anywhere from 10 to 200 times higher than normal. Those costs will eventually impact customers through increases in monthly natural gas and electric bills.

Today’s order also authorizes every jurisdictional electric and natural gas distribution utility that incurs extraordinary costs associated with ensuring its customers continue to receive utility service during this cold weather event to defer those costs to a regulatory asset account for future review by the Commission.  This deferral is for accounting purposes only. Any decisions related to ratepayer recovery will be addressed in future proceedings.

Today’s order can be viewed at:

A recording of the Special Business Meeting featuring additional details from KCC Utility staff is available on the KCC YouTube channel:

Conservation tips can be found on the KCC website home page: