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March 25, 2024

The Cold Weather Rule and the LIEAP application period end soon

TOPEKA - The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) wants to remind utility customers that there are two important dates coming up that they should be aware of.  First, the deadline to apply for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, known as LIEAP, is Friday, March 29. LIEAP is a federally funded program administered by the Kansas Department of Children and Families. LIEAP applications must be received by the Kansas DCF office by 5 p.m. on Friday. The KCC urges all customers facing financial difficulties to act now to stay connected. More information about the program is available at

In addition, the Cold Weather Rule ends on Sunday, March 31. The Cold Weather Rule protects residential customers, served by KCC regulated utilities, from disconnection when temperatures are forecast to drop below 35 degrees.

When the Cold Weather Rule is in effect, regulated utilities are also required to offer a 12-month payment plan upon request, even if a previous payment plan has been broken. When that protection ends on Sunday, failure to make arrangements or failure to adhere to an already established payment plan could result in disconnection. Reconnection after March 31 may require past due balances be paid in full, depending on the utility's policy. That is why it is important to call now – while regulated utilities are still required to offer the Cold Weather Rule 12-month payment plan.

It is important to note that the KCC does not regulate co-ops or municipal utilities, although many of those utilities also offer a cold weather payment plan. For a complete list of utilities regulated by the KCC visit:

To find out more about utility assistance programs in your area, please contact your utility or the KCC Consumer Protection Office at 800-662-0027 or 785-271-3140. Utility assistance program information is also posted on the KCC’s website.