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The State of Kansas is searching for licensed plugging contractors to join the Corporation Commission in plugging all Abandoned Wells throughout the state. The KCC conservation staff is working hard to identify potential wells for future Abandoned Well Plugging projects. Once a contractor is awarded a contract, they will be able to help Kansans plug and clean up well sites in their state. 

Contract Examples:

  • Federal Well Plugging Program contracts
  • State Well Plugging Program contracts
  • Site Remediation (KSA 55-180b) Project contracts
  • Specialized RFP Project contracts

Register now with the Department of Administration to bid on available KCC contracts.

Register in 5 Steps

  1. Visit the Kansas Department of Administration website (Procurement & Contracts website)
  2. Register to become a bidder under “Bidder Registration
  3. Find a contract
  4. Submit contract information requirements
  5. Contract notification & final agreement

Contract Bidding Registration

To ensure equal bidding, the State of Kansas requires all State of Kansas contracts to be published and processed through the Department of Administration.

Registration Process:

Contract Search:

  • Open “Bidding Solicitations” are located here
  • Search for:
    - Business Unit: Kansas Corporation Commission
    - Event Name: Federal RFP Projects – State of Kansas Well Plugging

Contract Determinations

KCC review team will make recommendations based upon:

  • Technical Review
    • Quality and timeliness of work performance (past & present)
      • Review based on work for the state and/or private sector
    • Well Plugging experience (past & present)
      • Overall contractor’s business performance and demeanor
  • Cost Review
    • Project Price Rate (per well – per project)
  • Estimated Starting Date and/or Completion Date
  • Overall Recommendations
  • Best interest of the state and the specific well plugging project