FAQs for Filing KCC Forms Electronically

How does an operator sign up for online filing of KCC forms through KOLAR?

A company's authorized agent must complete and mail the Master Electronic Filing Certification form to the KCC, which includes the appointment of an Electronic Filing Administrator.

Who is the operator's authorized agent?

If the operator is an individual, the individual is the authorized agent. One of the general partners is the authorized agent for a partnership. For incorporated entities (e.g., a limited liability company), the authorized agent is the president or, for larger entities, a regional supervisor or manager. The attorney of the authorized agent may sign on the authorized agent's behalf.

What address should I indicate for the authorized agent?

The address where the authorized agent may be reached should be provided, even if the authorized agent's address is different from the address submitted on the operator's licensing application.

I am the designated Electronic Filing Administrator for a company. How should I proceed in this capacity?

Once the KCC approves the Master Electronic Filing Certification Form and the Appointment of Electronic Filing Administrator, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided for both the authorized agent and the designated Electronic Filing Administrator. The Electronic Filing Administrator will then create an account on KOLAR by following the instructions on Page 3 of the form. The KCC will provide the Electronic Filing Administrator with the permissions needed to add users to their company and to assign specific electronic filing rights for those users. The KCC will also send instructions to the Electronic Filing Administrator on how to do this.

What is the KOLAR website address?

The KOLAR website can be accessed at kolar.kgs.ku.edu.

I want to be able to file KCC forms electronically on behalf of the operator. How should I proceed?

You must contact your company's Electronic Filing Administrator to obtain the ability to file forms electronically. If you are uncertain whether the operator has an Electronic Filing Administrator, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am a contractor filing KCC forms for different operators. What do I do?

First, you will need to create your KOLAR account. Then, you must contact each operator's Electronic Filing Administrator and ask to be added to their group. You will keep the same username and password for each company, but will select the specific group when creating the form. If you are uncertain whether the operator has an Electronic Filing Administrator, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What can I do if I do not have a computer or internet access?

  • *The KCC provides a public kiosk computer, scanner, and printer access at select District Field Offices and in the Conservation Division's central office in Wichita, Kansas. Call your local District Field Office to check public kiosk availability.
  • *Any computer can be used, including a public access computer in any public library. Please note that you should be mindful of the security features at the computer used, and that the KCC is not responsible for any security issues at the computer that you decide to use.
  • You may hire a company that files forms electronically through KOLAR on behalf of operators. The KCC does not endorse any particular company that provides this or similar services. However, the KCC maintains a list of known companies that provide this service, and you may request a copy of this list by contacting the KCC at 316-337-6200. If you are a company that provides this service for operators, you may request to be added to the list.

*An email account will be required if you are using a computer at a KCC office or a public access computer.

Why is an email account required?

Email is the primary, and typically the only, means through which KOLAR communicates with the user. All form approvals and any issues with the forms that are preventing approval will be addressed through email. It is strongly advised that you check your email account frequently enough to facilitate timely processing of forms.

Is there any cost for utilizing electronic filing through KOLAR?

There is no cost that is assessed specifically because a form is filed through KOLAR.

What KCC forms can be filed electronically through KOLAR?

  • Intent to Drill (C-1)
  • Cathodic Protection Borehole Intent to Drill (CB-1)
  • Well Completion Form (ACO-1)
  • Application for Commingling of Production or Fluids (ACO-4)
  • Application for Dual Completion (ACO-5)
  • Applications for Venting or Flaring of Gas other than Casinghead Gas (ACO-18)
  • Application for Surface Pit (CDP-1)
  • Closure of Surface Pit (CDP-4)
  • Exploration and Production Waste Transfer (CDP-5)
  • Well Plugging Application (CP-1)
  • Well Plugging Record (CP-4)
  • Temporary Abandonment Application (CP-111)
  • The Well Inventory Certification Process
  • Licensing Renewal Application
  • Transfer of Injection or Surface Pit Permit (T-1)
  • Annual UIC Report U3-C
  • MIT Form (Casing Mechanical Integrity Test) (U-7)

While I'm on KOLAR, what if I have questions concerning a form?

Go to the Help tab, KCC Forms. There you will find directions and information concerning individual forms.

When logged into KOLAR, I do not appear to have access to all of the forms that are supposed to be available. What is the problem?

If you do not see the list of forms that are available, please contact your Electronic Filing Administrator to obtain access to the forms.

I am the designated Electronic Filing Administrator. When I log into KOLAR, I cannot access user accounts for my company. What should I do?

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire whether your company has submitted the proper paperwork to obtain the necessary privileges.