Well Inventory Certification Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Well Inventory Certification, and what does it require of operators?

    It is a form that certifies that the operator's well inventory (provided to the operator by KCC) is complete and accurate.

  2. What is the purpose of the Well Inventory Certification?

    To annually ensure that KCC records reflect an accurate and complete well inventory for each licensed operator. See certification schedule below.

  3. Which operators are required to file a Well Inventory Certification?

    All operators are required to certify their well inventory at the time of their license renewal.

  4. When/how often do I certify my well inventory?

    The Well Inventory Certification must be filed annually at the time of the operator's license renewal.

  5. I submitted an Operator Well Inventory; why must I certify it?

    The certification ensures that KCC records remain accurate and complete on a yearly basis.

  6. How do I file my Well Inventory Certification?

    After you have carefully reviewed the provided well inventory, check the appropriate certification box, sign and date the form, and return it to the Conservation Division along with your license renewal.

  7. If I fail to file a Well Inventory Certification with my license renewal application, will this delay the renewal of my license?

    The certification must be received with the license renewal and KCC staff must acknowledge its receipt before an operator's license will be renewed.

  8. I found errors/inaccuracies on the provided well list. How do I correct them?

    See the Problem/Resolution section of the Well Inventory Certification instructions, which details how to correct discrepancies.

  9. Who can sign the Well Inventory Certification?

    The form must be signed and dated by an officer or an authorized agent for the licensed operator.

  10. How do I ensure my well inventory stays current from year to year?

    Make sure you are filing KCC forms in a timely manner throughout the year. If all forms have been received and processed by the KCC, then the provided well inventory should be current and accurate.

  11. How do KOLAR operators file the Well Inventory Certification?

    KOLAR operators must log in to KOLAR to view their well inventory and submit the Well Inventory Certification electronically through KOLAR.

  12. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the Well Inventory Certification?

    Kraig Stoll at 316-337-6200.

  13. I am applying for a new operator license and am required to send in a well inventory to verify the amount of financial assurance I am paying for my license, which is approved by the License Department. Do I need to send in another well inventory for the Well Inventory Certification? Or, will I wait until I have passed my 3 years probation period as a new operator?

    You will not need to send in another well inventory. All new operators will have to certify their well inventory at the time of their first annual license renewal, and every year thereafter.