Public Affairs and Consumer Protection | FAQs

  1. Can my utility disconnect service during the winter?

    Utilities under the KCC's jurisdiction are required to adhere to the terms of the Cold Weather Rule from November 1 through March 31. That means a utility can't disconnect you when the temperature is forecasted to drop below 35 degrees Fahrenheit within the following 24 hour period, except in certain circumstances (see page 26 of the Billing Standards for exceptions). To prevent disconnection when it is 35 degrees or above, or to be reconnected regardless of temperature, you must make pay arrangements with your utility. The Cold Weather Rule helps ensure that families have heat and gas during the coldest months of the year. Learn more about the Cold Weather Rule.

  2. Where can I find help paying my bill?

    Check our state-wide resource guide for organizations in your area offering financial assistance to help you pay your utility bill or upgrade your home to be more energy efficient.

  3. What utility companies does the KCC regulate?

    Click here for a complete list of regulated utilities.

  4. What happens in a rate case?

    Click here for more information on how ratemaking works.

  5. What happens at a public hearing?

    Public hearings provide an opportunity for the public to participate in the regulatory process. Find out more.


I want to...

  1. File a complaint.

    If you have been unable to resolve an issue by contacting your utility, the Commission’s Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection is available to assist you. Contact us to begin the process or file a complaint online.

  2.  Submit a public comment.

    There are three convenient ways to submit a public comment on a case before the Commission:
    1. Go to the KCC website: to enter your comment. Click on the link under Your Opinion Matters and scroll until you find the docket you wish to comment on.

    2. Send a written letter to the Kansas Corporation Commission, Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, KS 66604 4027. Be sure to reference the docket number you are commenting on.

    3. Call the Commission’s Public Affairs office at 1-800-662-0027 or (785) 271-3140.

Public Comments received during the comment period will be entered into the official case record and posted on the website at the end of the comment period.

  1. Find out if I qualify for the Lifeline program.

    Learn more about the Lifeline program.

  2. Report an outage.

    Contact your utility to report a service outage. Click here for website links and outage maps (if available).

  3. Report a possible gas leak.

    Gas leaks can be very dangerous. If you suspect a gas leak, act quickly. Leave the area immediately then call your utility or 911. More gas safety information.