Kansas Universal Service Fund
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Get the Facts on the Kansas
Universal Service Fund

  • The Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) was created by the enactment of House Bill 2728 (Telecommunications Act) by the 1996 Kansas Legislature.
  • The purpose of the KUSF is to assure quality services be made available to all Kansans.
  • All telecommunications companies must contribute (to the KUSF) a percentage of all intrastate (within Kansas) retail revenues. The company is authorized to pass on its assessment to the consumer.
  • KUSF support is distributed back to the local telephone companies and designated eligible telecommunication carriers to offset the costs of providing service.

The KUSF also supports the following:

  • Lifeline - assistance to the disadvantaged (matched by federal universal funds)
  • Kansas Relay 711 - provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, deaf-blind, or hard of hearing
  • Telecommunications Access Program - to provide terminal equipment for disabled individuals
  • Support network enhancements and upgrades in rural areas

Other Important Facts

  • The Fund Administrator is Vantage Point Solutions which was selected by a competitive bid process.
  • The Kansas Corporation Commission is currently in the process of auditing local telephone companies to determine if the amount of the fund should be lowered or raised.

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KUSF Assessment and History

KUSF Support to Companies

KUSF Instructions and Worksheets can be found on Vantage Point Solutions website.