Oil & Gas Conservation Division Forms
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(Kansas On-Line Automated Reporting) Forms indicated by a kolar icon icon must be reported through the KOLAR on-line reporting system. PDF fill-in-forms are available for Residential Operator use only.

Getting Started with Kolar and Other Frequently Asked Questions
Master Electronic Filing Certification

General Information

Well Locator Plat for spotting wells

General Administrative

Financial Assurance, Coding Adjustment
KOLAR website issue discovered with U3C Forms.
KOLAR website issue discovered with ACO-1 Well Completion Forms.
Request for Change of Operator Form ("T‑1") available on KOLAR.
Application to Land Spread Solid Waste Generated by Drilling Oil & Gas Wells CLSP-1

KSONA Frequently Asked Questions
NEW OPERATOR License Application OPL-1 (This form is not to be used for License Renewals. For a License Renewal form contact the Licensing Department at 316-337-6194.)
When applying for a KCC License, you must file a Well Inventory form OWI-1 with your KCC License Application if you are responsible for or operate wells and also a Master Electronic Filing Certification form (pdf fill-in form) for electronic filing through KOLAR.
Well Inventory OWI-1  KOLAR
    Well Inventory Frequently Asked Questions
    Well Inventory Certification
    Well Inventory Certification Frequently Asked Questions
Master Electronic Filing Certification 
Request to Add Drilling or Well Servicing Equipment to Operator License
Request for Change of Operator; Transfer of Injection or Surface Pit Permit T-1 (includes KSONA-1)KOLAR
Affidavit of Publication Submittal Template

Well Permitting

Notice of Intent to Drill C-1 (includes KSONA-1)  KOLAR
Application for Surface Pit CDP-1  KOLAR
Haul Off Pit Application Filing Requirements Checklist
Cathodic Protection Borehole Intent to Drill CB-1 (includes KSONA-1)  KOLAR Updated

Well Completion Reports and Other Well Applications

Affidavit for Flaring or Venting of Non-Sour Casinghead Gas CFV-1
Affidavit for Flaring from a Mississippi Horizontal Well
Well Completion Form ACO-1 KOLAR
Application for Commingling of Production or Fluids ACO-4  KOLAR
Application for Dual Completion ACO-5  KOLAR
Well Location Exception Application Check List ACO-17
Application for Venting or Flaring of Gas other than Casinghead Gas ACO-18  KOLAR
Affidavit for Extended Gas Venting from a Gas Well CG-3
Affidavit for Venting of Coalbed Natural Gas CG-4
Temporary Abandonment Application CP-111  KOLAR  Updated
Sample Application for an Exception to 10-year Temporary Abandonment Limit
Verified Affidavit For Vacuum Operations V-1

Surface Pits and Waste Transfer

Application for Surface Pit CDP-1  KOLAR
Haul Off Pit Application Filing Requirements Checklist
Closure of Surface Pit CDP-4  KOLAR
Exploration and Production Waste Transfer CDP-5  KOLAR

Well Plugging Report

Well Plugging Application CP-1 (includes KSONA-1)  KOLAR
Well Plugging Record CP-4  KOLAR
Seismic Hole Affidavit CP-10

Oil & Gas Well Testing Report

Oil Productivity Test & GOR Report C-5
Multi-Point Back Pressure Test CG-1
One Point Stabilized Open Flow Test G-2

Gas Gathering Report

Gas Gathering Report GG-1 -- Effective Quarter Ending March 31, 2008
Gas Gathering Segment Report GG-1a -- Effective Quarter Ending March 31, 2008

Oil and Gas Producer's Report

Gas Producer Monthly Report CG-7, CG-7A

Acreage Attribution and Well Spacing Report

Oil Acreage Attribution Plat CO-7
Gas Acreage Attribution Plat CG-8

New Pool and Certificate of Enhancement Projects (Severance Tax Exemptions) Request

Application for New Pool Determination ACO-16

Underground Injection Control Report

UIC Application U-1
Sample of completed UIC Application U-1
Annual Report U3-C This form is required on an annual basis due each March 1. KOLAR
U3-C Instructions and Example
Notice of Injection (of commencement or termination of injection) U-5
Application to Amend Injection Permit U-8
Notice to Modify Injection Permit U-9
UIC Assessments
MIT Form (Casing Mechanical Integrity Test) U-7  KOLAR
Investigative Docket Monthly Injection Volume

Wireline Service

Monthly Wireline Service Company Report MWSC-1